Old Nickelodeon Theme Song

by Christopher Paul on August 15, 2010

Earlier today, I embedded the five Soul Toons videos I could find. And as I mentioned, I watched almost every cartoon he sang the theme songs to. Many of those shows were memorable for me in their own way but one stuck out more than the others: The Nickelodeon Theme Song.

The theme song had several variations of a basic melody – an a cappella/barbershop quartet style of music that I’ve always enjoyed. I’ve embedded a compilation of Nickelodeon bumpers and started with the bumper thats the version I enjoyed the most. If you continue watching, you’ll see operatic versions, calypso versions, and longer a cappella versions that, while still remind me of the sound I enjoyed, aren’t as good (IMO).

When I was a kid, I watched Nickelodeon towards the evening after the networks stopped broadcasting children’s shows. I was a big fan of You Can’t Do That On Television, Danger Mouse, Mr. Wizard’s World, Pinwheel and others. Just listening to the theme song and watching the bumpers makes me want to see if I can download some of the shows I used to watch.

Old Nickelodeon Bumpers (Late 80’s to mid 90’s) -YouTube

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