On the “Ground Zero Mosque”

by Christopher Paul on August 16, 2010

I didn’t want to write about the “Ground Zero Mosque” because so many have said far better things already; I don’t think I could have done the argument in support of religious freedoms any better than New York City’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg, did in a recent speech on Governor’s Island.

The whole debate is rather silly, if you think about it. We’re talking about religious freedom – something protected under the Constitution. If the US Government stepped in and blocked the right to worship for any reason, we might as well pack up and go somewhere else because we wouldn’t be in America any longer. Can you imagine the revolt that would take place if Christianity were banned in some way?

But beyond the TCOT retweeting ignorance, hatred, and made up words, I have an issue with the term “Ground Zero Mosque” because of the phrase: Ground Zero. Can we call it something else? To me, its still the World Trade Center. It might not be in the form it once was but it’s still World Trade. Call it the World Trade Center construction site if you want. But it’s not a war zone anymore. Its a place of regrowth & healing – a testament to how New Yorkers survive, move on, and rebuild. Besides, the PATH train I take to work everyday doesn’t pull into Ground Zero Station… it pulls into WTC.

Its been my experience that only people who live outside of New York City call World Trade, Ground Zero. They have no business in getting involved in what NYC does or doesn’t do; Glenn Fleishman said it best. So stop calling it “Ground Zero” and use its proper name: World Trade Center and let New Yorkers do what they do best: go about their day without giving a rat’s ass what the guy next to him is doing.

Francesco Fuchs September 7, 2010 at 5:19 PM

I have to chuckle when I hear “anti-big government libertarians” cry out for federal action against the mosque. It seems that they only want small government when it helps them personally. However, when it suits their wants, a powerful government is great.

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