P.D. Eastman

by Christopher Paul on August 18, 2010


The family of P.D. Eastman recently launched a website showcasing his work. As a child, you’ve probably read his books: Go, Dog. Go!, Are You My Mother?, and Big Dog… Little Dog among others. The site simply lists his books and offers copious links to the different editions available for purchase. Some books couldn’t be listed because other families – who co-own the copyright of them – wouldn’t give permission.

But I’m glad Phil Eastman’s son, Tony, created this website. It reminded me of the books I want to read to my son – just like my mother read to me when I was young. And I read most of his books, too. Of those listed on the site, the only book I didn’t have to read was Robert the Rose Horse.

My son was already given Go, Dog. Go as a gift but the rest of Eastman’s work is something I want him to experience and I’ll be ordering them soon.

P.D. Eastman Books – via Cartoon Brew

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