Will Wheaton Is Not A Bad Guy After All

by Christopher Paul on August 18, 2010

So most of us know about Wil Wheaton. He’s the kid that co-starred in Stand By Me and played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now, he’s a respected author and makes guest appearances on the hit comedy The Big Bang Theory. I can say I’ve always enjoyed his presence in the shows and movies I’ve watched him in and, while I haven’t read his books, I’ve got nothing bad to say about the guy.

But Teresa Jusino is a little different.

As a child, she adored him. She admits to having a crush on him and paid the $12 to join his fan club – but the kit never came. She waited and waited but eventually gave up and lost her faith in the actor. It scared her so much, she wrote about it almost 20 years later.

As word of her post spread, it got the attention of Wil Wheaton himself and he wrote her a personal letter authored as if 15 year old Wil was writing to 8 year old Teresa. It’s a great letter and she writes about the follow up here.


But it just saw it thanks to Letters of Note and its been recirculating around the net so I thought I’d share it, too.

Like I said, I like Wil Wheaton as an actor. I know he’s active in the sci-fi community and appears as if he’s a good guy. And this letter kinda proves it for me.

Way to go Wil Wheaton.

Dear 8 Year Old Teresa – Letters of Note via Liam Cassidy

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It takes a nice guy to know one and you're the nicest one around.

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