Site Meltdown & Apologies

by Christopher Paul on August 19, 2010



The evening is just beginning and it already sucks.

If you follow(ed) me on Twitter, you know that this website puked over itself just as I getting ready to leave work. I’m thankful that a few of my followers alerted me to the carnage and, now, I think I have things under control.

There was a plugin that I installed the other day which I had hoped would take all the articles I shared on Google Reader throughout the day and create a post about them – like an evening or morning reading type of post to show what I’ve been reading and what I’ve been sharing with my Twitter followers.

But the plugin doesn’t work well at all or just with Twitter Tools. As a result, multiple posts were created – each Twitter Tools tried to tweet. The result was my blog flooding your RSS feeds, Twitter streams, and whatever else I have tied to this site.

I’m very sorry about that.

I’ve deleted the 4000 or so odd posts that were generated by the plugin and removed the plugin altogether. I also deleted the Facebook posts that got created and I’m working on getting Twitter cleaned up, too.

Again, I’m sorry for flooding your streams and I hope to be tweeting actual tweets and legitimate posts as soon as Twitter resets its messaging limits for me.

The lesson here is don’t try new plugins on your production site without testing them out in your dev environment. I know this. And I failed to follow that rule. The other lesson is trying to fix this over your iPhone sucks just as much, if not more so. I’m glad that I was able to log on to the computers at my gym to help speed up the recovery.

To those who follow me, I hope that you don’t (or did) unfollow me. To those who stuck it out, thanks. And a special thanks goes to Paul & Jared for pointing out my site was crumbling and burning faster than buildings did in the Great Earthquake of 1906.

Time to get back to my workout.

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