The Beauty of the Power Game

by Christopher Paul on August 26, 2010


Now THIS is the kind of magazine I want to see!

The New York Times Magazine produced a series of videos and still pictures of the top ranked female tennis stars playing on the court. Slow motion video is great for catching details our eyes miss like the facial expressions when they return a volley or serve. The music the NY Times added gives the videos as very poetic feel to them and if you look at Elena Dementieva’s video, you can see her hair floating in the wind she creates with her return.

I think the video of Kim Clijsters is my favorite. You can see her legs take on what appears to be an intense amount of force as she reaches for the ball and returns. But the best part is how her body stretches to meet the ball and then goes into a crouching position and springs up to react to her opponent’s return.

Its a fascinating look at their athletic performances.

The Beauty of the Power Game – New York Times Magazine via Boing Boing

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