And I Thought I Lost Weight

by Christopher Paul on September 7, 2010

Usually you have to worry about products shrinking for the same cost; you see it mostly with prepackaged grocery items. But in the case of pants (trousers to some), it appears as if more is better. The catch is that the waistline makes you think you’re a size 36″ but you could be buying something with a vastly wider waistband. In some cases, it could be many as 5 extra inches!

I suppose the reason could be that the designer is going for a particular fit or look but I suspect its to make us fat guys feel better about being fat.


Are Your Pants Lying to You? An Investigation – Esquire via Boing Boing

tommy salami September 9, 2010 at 12:55 PM

This is a giant pain in the ass, because you think "hey, I'm a 36! I can buy stuff not made for pachyderms now!" and then you can't button the designer jeans and still breathe.

SoItsComeToThis September 19, 2010 at 7:35 PM

It is frustrating. I hate buying jeans for that reason. Because I have to wear suits and dress slacks to work, I have most of my clothing tailored and they keep me honest. I know what size I really am – even if someone says I'm a smaller size. My tailor will tell me when I'm fat.

Thanks for the comment!

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