This Actually Happened

by Christopher Paul on September 10, 2010

I didn’t pay attention to the Q&A session the PotUS gave the press today but if I had I would have been so saddened by the end of it. According to several different outlets, the President was question on the Community Center that people want to build in TriBeCa – a section of downtown Manhattan. When pushed on the subject, the President had to reminded people of their First Amendment rights. Yes, really! I think Balk from The Awl said it best of serving members of the armed forces:

Remember the day that the President of the Unites States had to explain to the nation’s press corps that members of the United States military who were risking their lives overseas should be considered just as American as everyone else and that they were entitled to the same rights and liberties as their fellow citizens?

But if you read what The President said in its entirety, you realize that people are actually forgetting who we are as a country – they’re forgetting the values the country was founded on. And in reading a transcript of his response, I felt incredibly sad that he and a select few realize that all men & women are endowed with certain inalienable rights.

At least one person studied The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution before becoming president.

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