An Interview With @BPGlobalPR

by Christopher Paul on September 12, 2010

Over at The Awl, Mat Honan interviews the guy who started the famous Twitter personality behind @BPGlobalPR. He has some funny and lighthearted things to say about the whole experience but not about his trip to the gulf. One of things he said stuck out more so for me:

…the dispersant. The dispersant is criminal. It just created plumes of underwater oil and cleaned up the huge slicks on surface. They just put everything underwater, and actively made the problem worse. I realized how tied up the government is on all this–the MMS, the EPA. I don’t trust a thing those guys say. I was really disappointed when the White House said that there was only 26 percent of the oil remaining in the Gulf, because that’s just not true. This is a big problem. These guys are going to continue milking oil from our coasts in a way that obviously is not safe. And they’re going to make huge profits off of it, with the help of the government.

Check out the whole interview here. Its funny, sad, interesting & informative all at the same time.

The First Interview: Meet Josh Simpson, the Man Behind Twitter’s @BPGlobalPR – The Awl

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