Retro Intro of the Day: Ducktales

by Christopher Paul on September 12, 2010

I think I’ll make the Retro Intros a recurring theme of the site. I really like seeing some of these old cartoon introductions. I probably won’t limit myself to cartoons but any TV show that I watched as a child.

Today’s retro intro is going to be Ducktales. When the show came out, it looked like it had high quality animation and a good story line not usually seen in your Saturday morning cartoons. I distinctly remember the smooth animation and accurate shadowing. As the show went on, however, the smoothness wasn’t as good and shadows not nearly as detailed but the characters and general plot kept me interested enough to watch the show – even when I was a little older. And I admit it, I saw the movie in the theaters. Disney took the success of Ducktales and produced other animated TV shows like Darkwing Duck, a Chip & Dale show, and some others but here’s the intro that got it all started:

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