Good Choice, DE

by Christopher Paul on September 16, 2010

On Delaware Republican nominee, Christine O’Donnell:

Every candidate brings a certain amount of baggage — past indiscretions, misstatements, personal failings. O’Donnell has more than the usual share of these. Many of them are substantial — her anti-masturbation crusade, her misrepresentations of her college degree, her misrepresentations of her lawsuit against her last full-time employer, her misrepresentations of her personal finances, tax history and foreclosure, the gap between her advocacy of abstinence and chastity and her apparent living situation, her weird belief that 71-year-old Mike Castle hides in her bushes at night, her lack of gainful employment, her unsubstantiated claims of politically motivated burglary at her home.

And it goes on. Good choice, Delaware.

“Unelectable” – slacktivist

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