The Jay-Z Effect

by Christopher Paul on September 17, 2010

Over the last ten years about 100 suspects committed a crime or were arrested wearing Yankees apparel. The number of Mets apparel seen in the same period: 12. They’re calling this the Jay-Z effect. Seriously.

Criminals might be wearing Yankees merchandise not because they are fans of the team, but because they are fans of the cocked-hat look popularized by Jay-Z and other rappers, said the criminologist, Frankie Y. Bailey, an associate professor at the University at Albany, who is writing a book about the role of clothing and style in criminal cases.

“He wears it and makes it look cool,” Ms. Bailey said of Jay-Z and the cap. “It’s almost like the Yankees have acquired a kind of street rep, a coolness.”

And Yankees clothing worn by criminals & alleged criminals isn’t limited to “The House That Ruth Built.” Seattle, Los Angeles, and Chicago all have their share of Yankees fans robbing them. I can understand Chicago, though. No one wants to wear a Cubs hat while beating up an elderly woman… she’d just laugh at them and probably beat them up first.

Crime Blotter Has a Regular: Yankees Caps – NY Times via clusterflock

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