How the iPhone Changed a Blind Man’s Life

by Christopher Paul on September 20, 2010

Austin Seraphin, who is blind, talks about his experience shopping for an iPhone after hearing a friend raved about it:

I continued to excitedly ask questions, as did my Mom. “Can he get text messages on this?” she asked. “Well, yes, but it doesn’t read the message.” the salesman said. Mom’s hopes sunk, but mine didn’t, since I understood the software enough. “Well, let’s see, try it.” I suggested. She pulled out her phone, and sent me a text message. Within seconds, my phone alerted me, and said her name. I simply swiped my finger and it read her message: Hi Austin. She almost cried.

My First Week with the iPhone – Behind the Curtain via clusterflock and Daring Fireball

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