Stupid or Evil?

by Christopher Paul on September 23, 2010

I know I probably have plenty of other politicians I can make fun of but Christine O’Donnell makes it so easy.

Over at Slacktivist, Fred Clark takes yet another look at her comments and ponders whether she is stupid or just evil:

“Stupid or evil?” is really just a way of exploring whether or not someone has provided sufficient evidence for us to conclude that they are not acting in good faith. The distinction may not seem to matter much, practically. A responsible citizen does not need to know precisely whether O’Donnell is really so astonishingly stupid as to believe what she’s saying here or so mendacious that she does not care that it is ridiculously false. Either way, she is clearly unfit for office.

Clark talks about how the public should respond to her statements given certain assumptions and tactics. It’s a decent read if just for the hypocrisy he highlights.

I know that ALL politicians are hypocrites but most don’t make crazy statements like she does. Therefore, she gets special treatment.

Nothing Can Stop The Duke of Earl – Slacktivist

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