How Classic Simpsons Episodes Were Written

by Christopher Paul on December 5, 2010

Over at The Awl/Splitsider, Bill Oakley writes about he and his fellow writers came up with classic episodes for The Simpsons. Oakley wrote for seasons 4-6 and was an executive producer for seasons 7 & 8.

Twice a year, from at least season three ’til season eight, there’d be these story retreats where everybody would come and present their ideas for episodes. We’d get a big conference room in a hotel about a hundred yards from the office, and we’d go around and everybody would tell their ideas, one by one. It was sort of like opening Christmas presents on Christmas morning; we’d go around in a circle and everybody would have a turn or two.

I’ve always maintained The Simpsons started going downhill after season 9. Sure, there are some great episodes in the seasons following but I think they’re very rare. I don’t even watch the show anymore and the episodes on my DVR are collecting digital dust.

How We Wrote Classic ‘Simpsons’ Episodes – The Awl

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