My First Project 365

by Christopher Paul on January 2, 2011

Inspired by a friend of hers, my wife has decided to start a 365 project or, as she’s calling it, a 365 4 2011 Project. She’ll take a photo every day and post it to her Facebook wall. I’m inspired by that level of commitment. I don’t know if I can do it but I’m going to try.

Sure, death do us part is commitment but a 365 project?? No way. Yet here I am announcing my own 365 project.

When I got started getting into amateur photography, I thought I’d want to do a 365 project – when I got good enough. I never really got to the point where I thought I could take a quality photo every day and post it, though. But to help make sure I stick to this resolution (and to make it easier, too), I’m going to make my 365 project an Instagram project.

Every day, I’ll take a photo using my iPhone and manipulated with Instagram. I’ll post it to Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. For this project, I enabled cross posting my Flickr feed to this site so the pictures will show up here. I really wish Instagram supported RSS feeds but, alas, they don’t; maybe when they set up an API.

There won’t be any theme (at least I don’t think they’ll be one) or one subject. I’ll just post somewhat random and probably uninteresting pictures that represent something I’ve seen or done throughout the day.

If you like the pictures, I hope you comment on them somehow and let me know. You can leave a message on this site, my Flickr page, Facebook, Twitter, or (preferably) Instagram.

Wish me (and Jen) luck on our very first 365 projects!

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