Fast Food Calorie Guide

by Christopher Paul on January 18, 2011


I downloaded this handy app the other day after it was featured on Lifehacker. The idea is simple: a pocket nutrition guide for all the major fast food and chain restaurants.

I would bet that most people don’t really know what they’re eating when they go out. I’m sure most probably don’t care enough to look it up either. But I bet if they had the fat content next to them as they ordered, they’d be a bit more choosey with their meal.


What makes this app so appealing is its easy to navigate. Just find the logo of the place you’re eating at and go through their menu options. The basic information, like calories, fat grams, and carb grams, are listed under the item name. But tap on a particular item and you get the standard federal nutrition guide.

Some places, like New York City, force chains to display their nutritional information near the menu. Having been in these restaurants, though, I can say that its not always easy to see. And, let’s face it, NYC is the exception and not the rule; most places don’t even have it displayed at all. Having this app in your pocket will help arm your willpower to choose something that will be less bad for you. Good, being staying at home and making something yourself.

Fast Food Calories (iTunes Link) via App of the Day & Lifehacker

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