A Visual History of Penguin Books

by Christopher Paul on January 21, 2011


Graphic designer Phil Baines explores the visual history of Penguin Books – those inexpensive printings of classic works published throughout the ages. Just about everyone who’s a reader knows Penguin Books. I’m not much of a book reader and even I know them.

Baines goes into the different covers, logos, and design attributes that went into making the iconic printer’s unique look. For the avid reader or designer, the over 250 pages of detail will be treat to look at. His book is titled: Penguin by Design: A Cover Story 1935-2005.

And did you know, Penguin sells every one of their classic paperback books as a bundle?

For a low, low payment of $13,413.30 (as of this writing), you can order all 1082 classics and have them delivered to your door. Over 700 lbs. of books spanning 828 feet if you stacked them on top each other, lengthwise. One reviewer (who claimed to have bought the set) said it arrived on a wooden pallet and took over 12 hours to unpack all 25 boxes.

You can visit here for the full list of titles, organized alphabetically in groups.

via Brain Pickings

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