Rapid End-Of-Lifing & The Commoditization of Android

by Christopher Paul on January 26, 2011

Ben Brooks commenting on Fraser Speirs’ thoughts of Android’s rapid end-of-life problem:

The bottom line is this: Android has yet to prove that they will not make your device obsolete in six months time by not getting you the updates that you need/want.

This makes Android a commodity; a low priced common good that’s prevalent everywhere but not very exciting. It’s like coffee or sugar. Commodotized products have low margins; controlling overhead on your production costs is key. The net result are cheap devices where mass production & sale are the only way to succeed.

Perhaps that’s Google’s strategy. But it will be hard for developers to keep up. With a new handset or tablet every six months – and half a dozen of Android versions available for each (in theory, anyway)- how are they going to stay profitable with all those, updating, support, and overhead costs?

I don’t see how that’s good for the developer or the platform.

Fraser Speirs On the Rapid End-Of-Lifing of Android Devices – The Brooks Review

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