aTrackt! for Apple Magic Trackpad & Aluminum Keyboard

by Christopher Paul on January 31, 2011

If you like Apple’s wireless aluminum keyboard and Magic Pad, you might be interested in aTrackt! – a Kickstarter project seeking funding. The aTrackt! is an aluminum frame that holds the two devices together, creating a seamless keyboard/mouse combination device. According to the project’s founder, this device will not alter the ergonomics of Apple’s products by changing the incline or raising them off the desk; he claims that other products do that.

He’s seeking $8,000 by March 2 and set up some benefits for different Kickstarter levels. If you’re interested in getting one – or seeing the aTrackt! produced – consider contributing to the project and help get it off the ground.

aTrack! – Kickstarter via Crunchgear

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