Belly Button Bacteria

by Christopher Paul on February 1, 2011

The Wild Life of Your Body

You’re looking at just a small sample of the bacteria collected from the average belly button.

Researchers wanted to study the diverse life that lives on or off of us and started with a place they felt was a great starting point.

Because our belly buttons are relatively isolated, a place where microbes are safe. Because everybody has one, its what once connected us to our past. Yet, we barely notice it in our daily lives, to the point that few people actually wash theirs. Which is great for the bacteria! They are well protected, and provide a refuge of our wild nature.

Maybe people will understand why I have an odd phobia (of sorts) to people touching my belly button and why I won’t touch theirs. Just thinking of belly buttons is giving me the creeps.

To see the image to see the rest of the cultures.

Belly Button Biodiversity – The Wildlife of Your Body via Boing Boing

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