by Christopher Paul on February 5, 2011

The other day, I mentioned Kickstarter and a pretty cool project connecting Apple’s wireless keyboard and Magic Pad together, called aTrackt!. If I used a desktop, I’d be interested in backing the project.

But this project, being run by the guy behind the OneLessDesk and its related office components, is one I got involved in. It’s a simple cord manager and it will work with the laptop & iPhone setup I use at home.

As of this writing, there are 202 backers pledging $11,575. Dean Heckler says he needs $12,500 to get the project fully funded and will start the tooling process once the goal is reached. At this rate, he could have the funding by the time the weekend is over.


If you think you have a use for a simple cord management solution, you might consider backing the project. For your help, you’re guaranteed a special edition OneLessDrop and limited, never to be produced again, colors if you contribute certain amounts.

OneLessDrop – Kickstarter via The Brooks Review

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