Ben Brooks on the Fragility of Free

by Christopher Paul on March 15, 2011

In response to Twitter’s introduction of the Quickbar – which was hated by all – Ben Brooks on the facility of free and why he likes to pay for things:

The fragility of free is a catchy term that describes what happens when the free money runs out. Or perhaps more accurately when the investors/founders/venture capitalists run out of cash, or patience, or both. Because at some point Twitter and all other companies have to make the move from ‘charity’ to ‘business’ — or, put another way, they have to make the move from spending tons of money to making slightly more money than they spend.

Sooner or later, Twitter has to start making money – but with a free app, it has no incentive to give the users much of a choice. When Twitter says they want to control the tweeting experience, they really mean we don’t want users to move to some less annoying app that might compete with our revenue stream.

Fragility of Free – The Brooks Review

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