Heroes In Japan

by Christopher Paul on March 18, 2011

Miki Endo is a hero. Sadly, she’ll never know how many people in the city of Minami Sanriku she saved when she stood her ground and continued telling them of the tsunami headed their way.

Many of those 7,000 that survived escaped death because of Miki Endo’s broadcast. Mainichi Shimbun reports that Miki Endo did not let go of her microphone, even during the very moment the black waves of the tsunami engulfed the city, so that every last villager could hear her warning call. One co-worker told Miki’s mother, that he saw Miki being swept away by the tsunami wave.

Robert Bailey is also a hero. When the tsunami alarm sounded, he reacted immediately and saved the lives of 42 children.

When the tsunami warning sirens sounded, the quick-thinking teacher knew he only had eight minutes to act. Thankfully, he hustled and was able to guide his class to safety on top of a nearby hill. He says he was “terrified” but could only think about keeping the kids safe.

Bailey, a British national, is not returning to the UK. Instead, he’s staying in Ofunato and helping with search & rescue efforts.

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British Teacher Saved 42 Teens From Tsunami – Sky News via Good

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