It’s Friday!

by Christopher Paul on March 18, 2011

If you live under a rock, you haven’t seen Rebecca Black’s music video for the pop, um, hit – Friday. Here it is below:

I call it a hit not because it’s playing all over the radio but because it’s being played and horribly mocked all over the internet. It’s become a meme in itself.

The lyrics are horrible. Just awful. They practically autotuned the whole thing and I’m not even sure what Black’s voice really sounds like.

But she’s only 13. She didn’t write the song. She didn’t play the music. She didn’t choreograph the music video. She, like so many, dreamt of becoming a pop star.

The Awl has some good links surrounding the song, video, and cyber-bullying she’s subject to.

Thankfully, she’s now taking a lot of the comments in stride and, hey, it’s Friday which means by Monday, we’ll all have moved on.

Since You Asked: What Is A “Rebecca Black”? – The Awl

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