TechCrunch on the BlackBerry PlayBook

by Christopher Paul on April 13, 2011

MG Siegler reviews the BlackBerry Playbook:

Is the PlayBook comparable to the iPad? No. Between the (lack of) app support and the wonky web browsing, there’s just no way around that fact. But RIM was smart to make the PlayBook a completely different form factor and give it BlackBerry Bridge to appeal to corporate users. So in that regard, there could be significant interest in this device.

Also, I don’t know why everyone seems to think a 7″ screen is a good idea. Take a look at the last picture of the review. The entire tablet is smaller than the iPad’s screen. As great as the iPad’s screen is, I sometimes feel as if it’s still not a replacement for printed text. How is anyone going to read business documents on a PlayBook that has a smaller screen?

It’s like RIM is targeting the executives who can’t see very well – you know the ones. They’re the guys that increase the font size as large it they can go.

RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook Enters The Tablet Wars

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