Apple On Location Data

by Christopher Paul on April 27, 2011

Personally, I don’t care that Apple, Google, or Microsoft store this information if it makes my experience on the phone better. I don’t want it going to 3rd parties but if they were more upfront about it, I’d be able make that choice. And while the controversy started with them, Apple has come out with the best response I could have imagined. Humble, honest, and clearly worded for non-techies. But best of all it has this, a list of next steps and what to expect from them:

Sometime in the next few weeks Apple will release a free iOS software update that:

  • reduces the size of the crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower database cached on the iPhone,
  • ceases backing up this cache, and
  • deletes this cache entirely when Location Services is turned off.

In the next major iOS software release the cache will also be encrypted on the iPhone.

It seems like a healthy compromise to security, privacy, and user experience. Will Apple’s competitors come out with their own response and will it be so honest as to what they capture?

Apple Q&A on Location Data – Apple Press Info

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