New Color Scheme

by Christopher Paul on April 30, 2011

A while ago, I changed the theme of this site from K2 to Thematic. I played around with the colors to make it more my own. At the time, I chose a dark blue which is one of my favorite colors. Afterwards, I realized I’ve been wearing clothes and liking objects that have orange in them.

My iPad 2’s Smart Cover is orange. One of my watches has an orange strap. And my t-shirts have orange lettering.

So, today, I’ve changed the link colors to an orange hue. You probably won’t notice it but I do. I’ll see how it looks over the next few weeks and figure out if I want to make the change slightly more permanent than the blue. I’ve also changed the Facebook page logo but it looks more yellow thanks to the highlighting in the PSD file I use as a template.

I welcome any constructive feedback. I’m trying to be as minimal as I can while also offering some sense of modern design on the site. Plain is probably how it looks but, right now, I don’t seem to mind.

Also, if anyone knows how to change the color of the Facebook “Like” code they give to my color of choice, I’d appreciate you letting me know how to do it. Also, I’m looking for some good Twitter PSD files that look similar (if not exactly like) the one I’m using now so I can change the colors to Orange and match the theme.

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