Read It And Weep, Guys

by Christopher Paul on May 4, 2011

The WSJ on men crying:

The male reluctance to shed tears is relatively new, says Tom Lutz, a University of California, Riverside professor. He traces this to the late 19th century, when factory workers—mostly men—were discouraged from indulging in emotion lest it interfere with their productivity.

Iconic historical and cultural depictions of men crying—in the Bible, Jesus wept at the death of Lazarus, for instance—have been overcome by more recent dictates discouraging men from crying. Biologically, and in the context of centuries and millennia, “male tears are the norm and males not crying is recent historical aberration,” he says.

Also according the article, women in western countries cry much more than men. Women who’s societies give them fewer rights don’t cry as much as their western counterparts.

via The Awl

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