A Hacker Scorned

by Christopher Paul on May 7, 2011

Fred Wilson:

Companies and governments should not underestimate the power of hacker culture to extract revenge on institutions they feel have wronged them.

I haven’t been paying much attention to the “who did what and why” of Sony’s PSN hack but there seems to be conflicting accounts. There’s certainly some “he said, she said” going on.

No company or person should act (or not act) in fear of getting hacked. But when you discuss litigation strategy, you should account for how your customers might react – especially negatively.

I haven’t used my PS3 since Sony was hacked. I only used it to play Blu-Ray discs and stream Netflix to my TV. I downloaded Street Fighter 2 Turbo when I got the system but that’s it. I almost don’t want to support Sony in anyway not because of the breach (although it does show you how poorly they think of security) and not because they sued GeoHot… but because they’ve failed at nearly every level in getting this thing out in the open, fixed, and resolved for its customers.

And while I appreciate Fred Wilson’s sentiment of “hell hath no fury like a hacker scorned,” I’d rather someone like him focus on how companies can embrace these opportunities to show leadership and begin to rebuild damaged relationships.

Perhaps we’ll see this come up in his MBA Mondays segments.

One last thing…

I don’t know Fred at all but I really enjoy reading his blog. I enjoy the conversation he started with this post; it’s also good he engages the commenters on his site. His replies are just as good as the articles and I highly recommend you make A VC part of your morning reading routine.

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