Credit Where Credit Is Due

by Christopher Paul on May 9, 2011

I’ve always wondered about ‘via’ when posting content found from other sources. While I’m not a journalist, I always thought that giving credit was something people do when writing. Otherwise, its plagiarism, and any true original thought or interpretation on a subject would always be doubted.

But, frankly, all the cutting and pasting I’d need to do for the original link plus the ‘via’ link is a hassle. Perhaps, that’s my lazy way of saying I’m not cut out for blogging (although every now and then I’m tempted to try). Ben Brooks has his own workflow for blogging that he’s developed over the years that I don’t. My other blogging idols like John Gruber and Jason Kottke probably have a system they use, too. I assume this makes the via linking much easier for them.

But they include a ‘via’ link from time to time and I’m always sure to credit them as the source. Not for the web stats or whatever. But for the credit they deserve that I want to share something they thought was interesting. And I hope that people who I share content with come to appreciate their work as I do.

I know it would certainly make me feel good if someone re-blogged something from my site and credited me for it – especially if it was one of them (among many other bloggers and tweeters I admire) doing the reposting. So I do add the ‘via’ links to be nice because I want them to feel what I would feel if I was credited. But I also appreciate what Ben has to say about spreading word of the ‘gems’ of the internet.

Hopefully, someone will find what I have to contribute to the web relevant and give me a ‘via’ link one day.

Via – The Brooks Review

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