The New Model Is Working

by Christopher Paul on May 19, 2011

Fred Wilson on speaking against the PROTECT IP (son of COCIA) law being proposed:

Technology is a genie that cannot be put back into a bottle. We are better served imagining, inventing, and financing new models and new services that will allow creative activities to thrive in the digital world… There is a new model for distributing and profiting from copyrighted material and it is working. Pirates will always exist. But if rights holders make it easy to get their works in Internet native models, they can and will have bright futures. If they spend their money hiring lobbyists and buying off legislators, they will fail.

But the best quote is this one:

Giving law enforcement officials and rights holders powerful new tools to go after important and innovative new services with little or no due process is unnecessary and potentially very dangerous.

Protect IP (fka COICA) – A VC

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