by Christopher Paul on May 22, 2011

12D.Me is a custom (vanity) URL shortener I set up this evening and I’m going to start using it over the next few weeks.

The backend is powered by CloudApp which, besides shortening URLs, makes it easy to share pictures, videos, text, quotes, and other media with its droplets and native Mac client (there’s a Windows program called FluffyApp available).

The only challenge I face with migrating my short URL use to 12D.me is the plugin I use to tweet my blog posts only supports Bit.ly. And while I think bit.ly is a fine URL shortener, it doesn’t offer the the file sharing that CloudApp does. Plus, it uses a .ly TLD so who knows when that will be revoked.

If anyone out there knows of a WordPress plugin or even a MarsEdit droplet that takes published full URLs and tweets their CloudApp shorted versions on publishing, please let me know.


For the geek and non-geek alike, 12D is the hexadecimal value for 301 which is the type of DNS redirection that Bit.ly and other URL shorteners perform.

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