Smoke-Free Clubs Stink

by Christopher Paul on May 28, 2011

You would think a smoking ban in bars and nightclubs would make those places smell nicer but you’d be (slightly) wrong. Instead of cigarette smoke, these establishments reek of body odor, cologne and perfume, and the smell of stale beer.

Odor machines, incense and are being looked at to enhance the smells because it has an effect on the bottom line after conducting a study using three different scents:

“The study included pre- and post-measurements of no-scent control conditions. Respondents filled out a short questionnaire, asking them to rate the quality of the evening, the music, and the club, as well as their feelings. The results showed that the addition of scent enhanced dancing activity and improved their evaluation of the evening, music, and mood. (The type of scent didn’t make any significant difference in pairs of feet on the dance floor.)”

One other change, noticed by one Seattle bar owner, is people are ordering more refined drinks which he attributes to the subtle flavors that would otherwise be undetectable in a smokey room.

In da (smelly) club? Testing scents in smoke-free nightspots – MSNBC

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