Rolling My Own TwitPic

by Christopher Paul on June 1, 2011

Even though Twitter announced their own image sharing service (and rumored to be integrated into iOS 5), I still thought I’d want to host my own images – especially since I started using CloudApp with my own short vanity URL.

So after doing some searching, I found a script written by Matthias Plappert that lets you create a custom image sharing service with CloudApp all within the Twitter client.

His script, Cloudie, also works as a URL shortener but because Twitter screwed everyone on that, you’re forced to use it’s URL. It’s one reason I like Tweet It so much – its built in CloudApp support.

But Tweet It just handles URLs (at least right now, anyway). So if I do want to share images, the workflow is fugly with me taking the picture, using an iPhone CloudApp client, uploading the URL, and pasting the URL into a client.

Not ideal.

But with Matthias’ script, I can upload images right from a Twitter client and have it shared that way. For some reason, though, I can’t get the script to run off my own server – which I’m trying to resolve with some tips from the author. Until I figure it out what I’m doing wrong, I’m going to use his server.

So if you want to roll your own image sharing service, follow his advice: “Twitter + CloudApp = Cloudie”

Twitter + CloudApp = Cloudie –

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