Bacon Makes Lorem Ipsum Better

by Christopher Paul on June 10, 2011

They say that Bacon makes everything better. I have to think it does – even with code generation.

If you’re in the publishing and design circles, you probably have heard of Lorem Ipsum. It’s basically placeholder text that is laid out with photos, text boxes, or other visual elements that will ultimately be a part of a printed publication. To a lesser degree, it’s also used in software development and web design to test how code changes might affect the appearance. It’s originally Latin with some words removed making it gibberish.

If you did a search for Lipsum, as its often called, you’ll find a slew of web apps that generate the text for you. More sophisticated native apps also let you configure the number of words, paragraphs, and other features – all copied to the clipboard on generation. But it’s all rather boring because it basically starts and ends the same.

But throw in bacon and other meats and you’ve got some juicy text!

You configure the number of paragraphs that are generated, add extra meat to the text, and configure your starting words all your only options. You have to copy and paste the text from there.

Now I’m hungry…

Bacon Ipsum – A Meatier Lorem Ipsum Generator via Lifehacker

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