Project v0ltr0n

by Christopher Paul on June 11, 2011

Want to run Apple’s OS X Lion but use a PC and don’t have the money for their hardware? Not to worry, Project v0ltr0n will help you.

The goal is to create a disk image so people can install it on their WinTel machines. When the project first started, it was assumed there would be a retail DVD. Now that it’s only available in the Mac App Store and on new Apple hardware, there are a few unknowns but they’re looking to copy the entire new disk image instead of a DVD.

Being an Apple hardware owner, I don’t have to fiddle with this. And the only reason why I’m promoting it is because of the name of the project. If you don’t get, though, you didn’t grow up in the 80s and you shouldn’t be attempting this.

Project v0ltr0n – nawcom’s bitchblog

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