Sony Hacked Password Analysis

by Christopher Paul on June 13, 2011

Password Length Chart

Troy Hunt looked at the passwords released in the Sony hacks. Some of the analysis isn’t too surprising but there are a few gems in there.

The top 25 passwords are:

“seinfeld, password, winner, 123456, purple, sweeps, contest, princess, maggie, 9452, peanut, shadow, ginger, michael, buster, sunshine, tigger, cookie, george, summer, taylor, bosco, abc123, ashley, bailey”

Remember, Sony stored these passwords as plain text in their database. They didn’t even try to keep this data secure. It also appears as if they didn’t have a minimum password length requirement either.

Take a look at all the different data he combed through. It’s a clear reminder that unique, long, complex passwords are important.

A brief Sony password analysis – Troy Hunt via Flowing Data

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