Surpisingly (Or Not), Not All Lawmakers Are Educated

by Christopher Paul on June 14, 2011

I’m really shocked by the fact that not every state lawmaker has a college degree.

At the federal level nearly every House member (92% of them) have a bachelors degree or better. In the Senate, 99% are educated; who the one uneducated person is, I don’t know, but he or she must feel pretty intimidated. At the state level, California is the most educated at 88.6% having a degree. Still, that’s shockingly low, in my book, for a group of people who are supposed to write laws. Arkansas has one of the least educated governments at 60.4% but they aren’t the dumbest, either. New Mexico and Deleware both share the shame at 59.7%.

Some say this is a good thing. I can’t understand why – something about representing the white-collar class, though. But, it appears to me that you can hold white-collar worker values yet still know a thing or two about the laws you support or even sponsor! A bachelors degree should be the minimum requirement to get elected and I’d even argue you need to have a masters degree if you want to write laws.

Hell, lawyers are actually considered doctors (Juris Doctor, or J.D.) not that far off from M.D. (though the training is certainly different). Why would we want those in charge of writing laws to have anything less?

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