Don’t Go To The ER In July

by Christopher Paul on June 15, 2011

Studies show that the month or time of day can affect the level of care you receive at the hospital – espeacilly a teaching hospital.

“In the counties that housed a teaching hospital (an academic medical center), medication errors spiked significantly in July. In counties that were not served by a teaching hospital, the error rates remained the same. Further, in areas that had a higher concentration of academic medical institutions, the rates of death from medication mistakes in July were even higher.”

Surgical errors did not increase, however, likely because new residents don’t perform surgery on their first day but do prescribe medicines. The survey also said July tends to be when the more senior staff take their vacations leaving the younger, less experienced doctors covering shifts. The same thing is said for nights, weekends, and holidays.

So… don’t go to the ER in July, at night, Saturday, Sunday, or any holiday.

But if you do end up in the ER then, expect to see the interns sleeping around and casually flirting with one another… at least, that’s what Grey’s Anatomy has taught me. :-/

How the Calendar and Time of Day Affect Hospital Medical Mistakes –

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