Fake Sounds Make Us Feel Better

by Christopher Paul on June 21, 2011

So it turns out we’re all pretty dumb. Companies employ fake sounds affect the way we perceive the products we use or the events we enjoy.

Car manufacturers artificially have doors make low (base heavy) frequency noises when we close them to give us the impression the car is well built. Apparently, high frequency noises are associated with frail and poorly constructed objects.

Sports arenas play crowd noises to get the fans excited enough to make their own noise.

Skype adds filler noise to let people know their call has not suddenly dropped.

Coinstar machines introduce an artificial delay when counting to give the appearance of being more accurate.

And finally, the whirr of the ATM machine – fake, too. According to Humans Invent, it’s speakers playing a sound to help reassure you the ATM is working as it should and will be giving you your money soon. (Though, there is a debate on whether or not that is true.)

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