Science Proves Whining Is The Worst Sound

by Christopher Paul on June 21, 2011

Lloyd might have gotten it wrong when he performed the most annoying sound in the world in the movie Dumb And Dumber but he wasn’t too far off. It turns out, whining is the most annoying sound.

Researchers at SUNY New Paltz asked subjects to do basic math while listening to a variety of sounds and words. The used foreign languages to make sure the words themselves didn’t influence the outcomes. While not terribly surprising, the results found:

“In raw numbers, people made more mistakes per math problems completed when listening to the whines than any of the other speech patterns or noises (though the only statistically significant differences were between whining, the table saw and motherese).

And people completed fewer subtraction problems when listening to the whining, crying and baby talk than when it was completely quiet.”

I know that baby talk gets to me… I even find myself saying it to my son. I cringe at thinking of how I sound. And yet, I still say it.

Whining is the worst sound in the world, study confirms – MSNBC

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