Subconscious Information Processing

by Christopher Paul on June 21, 2011

For Father’s Day, Fred Wilson wrote a quick post on his blog about advice his dad gave him when he was in middle school. When assigned a project, start it right away and, over time, work on the project in small chunks. The reason why may not be what you think. Fred explains:

“…once your brain starts working on a problem, it doesn’t stop. If you get your mind wrapped around a problem with a fair bit of time left to solve it, the brain will solve the problem subconsciously over time and one day you’ll sit down to do some more work on it and the answer will be right in front of you.

I appreciate the subconscious information processing he’s talking about. I’ve found similar benefits to thinking a project out over time in manageable chunks. Sometimes, you do need to make split decisions but that’s not what Wilson is talking about, here. He’s talking about planning, time & resource management – of the mind. And it’s an important lesson we should all apply in our lives if we are to feel comfortable with the conclusions and the work we produce.

Subconscious Information Processing – A VC

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