The Old School Butchers of NYC

by Christopher Paul on June 22, 2011

The WSJ has an article on the last of the old-school butchers — the kind that supply New York City’s famous steakhouses like Keens, Peter Lugers, and (my favorite) Wolfgang’s — that work at Master Purveyors. Started 54 years ago, they still serve prime cuts of meat; only 2% of all meat is considered prime and commands twice the price of other cuts.

Lugers and Wolfgang’s both use Master Purveyors for their meat. Wolfgang’s even ships their cuts to it’s restaurants in Beverly Hills and Hawaii.

If you haven’t experienced prime steak, I highly suggest you treat yourself one day. You’ll never order another steak anywhere again… ever. You’ll be ruined for life.

Just make sure you order the creamed spinach and German potatoes.

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