Update On The FBI Raid That Took An Instapaper Server

by Christopher Paul on June 27, 2011

Marco Arment, who’s Instapaper servers were accidentally taken during a poorly executed FBI raid, writes in an update:

“DigitalOne’s CEO, Sergei Arsentiev, informed me in an email last night that the FBI agents only took one enclosure containing 16 HP C7000 blade servers (including the one I was leasing), but that my server’s two hard drives were in a separate HP MDS600 enclosure that was not taken, and the drives were never removed from it.

If this is accurate, the FBI did not take my server’s hard drives from the datacenter or their enclosure — they only took the C7000 module that contained my server’s processor, RAM, and other non-storage components.”

One thing I’d like to know is what the blades do for the FBI? I suppose they could attempt to read the RAM somehow but wouldn’t you want the hard drives? If they were going for the ‘servers’ thinking the hard drives would be in there, then they really botched this raid.

And if that’s the case… Who’s running this show?

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