7 Platforms Changing the Future of News & Publishing

by Christopher Paul on June 28, 2011

While the social media world drools over Twitter’s latest ‘Newsrooms’ product announcement, Kristin Butler has compiled a list of seven websites that could add additional disruption to the news and publishing industries. None of the sites she lists out are classic social media sites like Facebook or Twitter; each appear to be a fresh take on sharing both short and long forms of publishing.

The one that peaks my interest the most is Unbound, a crowd-funding site for books. Like Kickstarter, it aims to connect readers and publishers in a meaningful and invested way by offering members a sample of what the book will be like and asking for contributions to finish the project. E-books and properly bound paper books are available at different price points. Like some Kickstarter projects, there are multiple financing levels with different rewards.

The service offers rights restricted and non-restricted e-book options at the author’s discretion. It’s one of the reasons I’m not completely sold on the system but I do love crowd-sourcing and appreciate the uniqueness of a site dedicated to authors and readers. I also wonder if there could be a way to leverage free writings (besides the one chapter or so available on the Unbound site) to help build up a fan base and encourage additional backers to fund project. But I do hope it catches on because I’m a big fan of disruption and, in this case — cutting out the middleman, it can only lead to more and better written works of art.

The other six sites are also worthy places for discovering or publishing novels, non-fiction, and news. If you’re an avid reader — or are looking to get published — you might want to take a look at the complete list to see if there are new opportunities out there.

7 Platforms Changing the Future of Publishing — Brain Pickings

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