How Often Do Air Conditioners Fall Out of NYC Windows and Kill People?

by Christopher Paul on July 6, 2011

Timely piece since it’s going up to 91°F today.

Ever since I started living in an urban environment (and had to install my own window air conditioner), I’ve wondered how likely a unit is to fall out and hurt someone. You certainly begin to wonder when you see some AC units propped up by bricks or wooden blocks — and some aren’t propped up at all. I know I question their safely and I try to avoid walking underneath them (I also avoid walking under fire escapes for a similar reason). But you can’t hide from them all.

Someone on Quora answered the question and found the death rates to be “statistically insignificant”. The Village Voice did some more research and couldn’t find any incident of death by AC. A few serious injuries but nothing deadly. But even though the probability is so small, that doesn’t mean can’t or won’t happen.

Be safe out there New Yorkers… Better to stay inside where your AC keeps your head cool instead of taking it off.

via Dave Winer

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