Horace Dediu’s Setup

by Christopher Paul on July 7, 2011

I’ve always admired Horace Dediu‘s superb research in the mobile space. While it’s no secret he has an affinity for Apple, I find his analysis balanced enough to point out Apple’s flaws or highlight weaknesses in their offerings — especially compared to the Android competition. And I’ve wanted to know how he gets his work done and what kind of tools he uses. This interview from The Setup (which I’m now subscribing to) lists all of the equipment and software he uses.

But of all the things he uses, his cars is are my favorite:

“I seldom drive but when I do I drive Mercedes Benz cars from the early 1990s.”

I’m not a big Benz fan but I appreciate the older styles. I have a similarly aged BMW that I love to drive but seldom have the chance (or need) to.

An interview with Horace Dediu – The Setup

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