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by Christopher Paul on July 11, 2011

Todd Holzman on why Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit means so much to Yankee fans and baseball in general:

“First of all, wretched excess is not Derek Jeter’s thing. In a world where athletes manage to attract attention for everything BUT their on-field accomplishments, Jeter has played an entire career in New York City with nary a kerfuffle. Even while dating actresses and singers. That’s astonishing.

Mostly, he shows up, suits up and gets the job done. Sometimes in spectacular fashion. But always as a pro’s pro. And he’s that rarest of commodities in modern sports: the star who has stayed with just one team.

…Day in, day out, he makes the play he is supposed to make. And quite often he makes the play no one could expect him to make — and makes it look easy. There’s a whole video montage waiting to happen of Jeter going into the stands to catch foul balls. Or deep into left field to snag a pop fly or sinking liner over his shoulder — one of the hardest plays in the game.”

I’m really glad to live in an era of Yankee history that will be talked about for 50+ years from now. Jeter is the stuff of legend. Maybe not by all baseball stats (but, perhaps, some). But by his dedication to the game and his team — on and off the field.

Jeter 3,000: A Diamond Throwback, Still Shining – NPR

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