50 Must See Documentaries

by Christopher Paul on September 12, 2011

I’m currently en route to Atlanta for a few days and I thought I’d pass the 2.5 hour flight time with some reading and writing. I’ve been meaning to get back into posting here – ending my hiatus from last month – but I was busy. Still, there was quite a few things I wanted to share with you and this is one of them.

Jason Kottke pointed me to a list of the 50 documentaries that are a must see. The list was compiled by Current TV and, I must say, includes some fantastic movies. I’ve seen a few already – like Man on Wire, Food, Inc., Supersize Me, and Spellbound – but have just added about as many as I can to my Netflix queue.

I tend to stay away from the more controversial films that Michael Moore produces but even with his flare for exaggerating, I’m sure there is an “Inconvenient Truth” in there somewhere.

Check out the full list here.

Via Kottke


Bad pun, I know.

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